We are a collective of artists from various backgrounds from the fields of clown, physical theatre, dance, writing and street arts. We also individually carry studies of literature, linguistics, cultural studies, medicine, pedagogy and human resources on our backs.

Since the beginnings of Espresso Encounters, which was our first project together, we especially share the passion of thinking the public space as a stage and finding a language, dramaturgies, as well as surprises and images for and in it. We like the idea that our projects trigger the desire to play, imagine and think because, to us, these qualities are basic human needs.

Alina Stockinger

Alina has always been looking for ways; in her life, in her thoughts, and in her artistic work (despite some smaller and bigger difficulties at the crossroads). She has a crush on meta-levels. Being a night owl in creative matters, she especially enjoys the guidance of stars with Swedish surnames, such as Wes Anderson and Jeanette Winterson. 

Ana Redi-Milatovic

Ana loves imaginary worlds, the powerfully pictorial, and most of all humor, which is her major means of communication and way of understanding life and her emotions. Places and people keep surprising and fascinating her and she loves to dive into new environments or to rediscover familiar ones. With sweet stuff, she has a love and hate relationship. The most striking ideas often appear to her in the privacy of a restroom.

Josep Cosials

Josep is one of those people who want to change the world. And one of those who always laughs with delay. He is most passionate about theatre that moves and is moving, that surprises and lets itself being surprised, that includes and opens up perspectives. He contributes a touch of absurd humor. Coaching, excels, sweets, coffee, laughter, calmness, karma and singing.
Joseps Website

Daniela Poch Paz

Daniela enjoys the subtexts of artistic proposals; those hidden tones spectators come to realize once they have arrived back home. She circles 300 times around the same idea until she again arrives to its initial state where she says, "We are at the beginning again, but it is not the same". She contributes the "NOs", thorough analyses, extraordinary predictions, the final touches and re-touches and Bob Dylan 24 hours.

Lilli-Marie Mendel

As a wild and free thinker, she does not stand being put into a box. Lilli throws ideas aside very easily, just to consider them again anew. Basically anything could turn into inspiration for her. Having a very playful nature, she often feels like the child among the others.

Sergi Estebanell

Sergi is an unconscious dreamer. He has never liked staying at home for too long and he likes to see the world as an action movie. He imagines the impossible, although he knows that is not realizable (yet). He likes to put out his feeler, enjoys laughing, directing and discovering what is unknown to him. When he is wrong, which happens frequently, he has difficulties admitting it.
Sergi's Website

Jordi Solé Andrés

Jordi has come to this world to have fun and for that he is capable of searching for the most suprising corners, the most hilarious objects and the most sympathetic people to laugh together. Behind his flow there is a hidden well of innocence, a window of insecurity and a way towards love.

Artists we frequently work with:

Mona Kospach, Actress
Jakob Rüdisser, Musician & composer
Carlos Parra, Sound engineer & Musician
Siruan Darbandi, Actor & Musician 
Katrina Günther, Communication designer & Visual Thinker
Caroline Haberl, Costume builder
Lisa Peer, Filmmaker
Nikola Milatovic, Photographer
Max Schade, Architect