[A workspace for playing, thinking and formats of all kinds]


Under the title of FILTER-FACTORY, our aim is to have a space to understand, create and play with “filters”, or viewpoints, from which we perceive, understand, love and transform the daily life and the places we move in and through.

The Filter Factory is:

(1) a space for artistic research and experimentations that nurtures and trains our collective and

(2) the starting point for a physical compendium (BOOK) that playfully pins down things that we have seen happening (or would like see happening) on the streets.

This practice of making those filters and collecting things that we see happening on the streets mostly takes place in the public space itself. It is a process open to passers-by that want to have a chat with us or for fellow-artists or people with a shared interest in public space, who want to join us in our practice or play with us at some point (co-creation).

The exercises and findings are likely to be also shared in symposiums, podcasts, workshops, artistic coachings, etc.

The book: creation process and writing: Josep Cosials, Alina Stockinger, Daniela Poch, Jordi Solé, Claudia Mirambell, Ana Claramonte

The book_Ideologues: Alina Stockinger, Daniela Poch, Claudia Mirambell, Ana Claramonte

Coordination: Daniela Poch, Alina Stockinger

Production: Arnau Vinós