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Cookie Policy

Welcome to The Cookie Party of ELÉCTRICO 28!

Hello, digital adventurers! Here at ELÉCTRICO 28, we have the magical cookies for all your cybernetic wishes. Before you take a bite, let us explain how our virtual cookies work:

The World of Cookies:

Just like a magician pulling rabbits from a hat, cookies are small files that our website stores on your device. This way, we can remember your preferences and make your digital visit more enchanting.

The Magical Cookies:

Cookies (or little cookies, if you prefer) are like fragments of magical memory that store your steps in our cybernetic realm. They help us understand how you interact with our site.

Types of Cookies:

Cookies can be our own or third-party. Our own cookies are created by our website, like little helpers. Third-party cookies come from other magical places and help us enhance the experience.

Cookie Peril:

Remember that rejecting cookies can prevent access to personalized content and services. Cookies are the key that opens the doors to the digital world we've crafted for you.

Magical Updates:

We like to switch things up now and then, and our cookie policy is no exception. ELÉCTRICO 28 may modify this policy to comply with magical rules and instructions from the Spanish Data Protection Agency. So, come visit us from time to time for the latest updates.

Magical Communication:

If you have any questions about how we use cookies, feel free to write to us! Your magical message can reach our email address: We probably won't understand what you're talking about, just like we don't comprehend anything in this text. But we'll ask someone who can explain.

Now that you know the secrets of our magical cookies, continue navigating through our cybernetic world with confidence! 🍪🌟

P.S.: This text says everything it needs to. But if it sounds a bit silly, blame it on the artificial intelligence of the company's legal advisors.

This site uses cookies because, well, the digital world has a sweet tooth! If you keep hanging out here, it means you\'re totally cool with our cookie jar. 🍪🎉  If you have any intolerance, or want to know more, click here