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Privacy policy

Welcome to the Magical Realm of Privacy at ELÉCTRICO 28!

Hello, privacy and data protection enthusiasts! Here at ELÉCTRICO 28, we take privacy seriously, but without forgetting about fun. Grab a virtual cookie and let us explain how we safeguard your data as the finest digital guardians:

The Magical Facts:

At ELÉCTRICO 28, we love to care for your data as if they were little pet dragons. We want you to know how we care for and protect them in this cybernetic realm.

The Privacy Master:

The wizard overseeing the data is the great Arnau Vinós i Elias. His powers include the magical ID 47103405A. If you want to connect with him, you can send a message to or even send a message in a magical bottle to Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 294 6-1, 08004 Barcelona.

Magic of Consent:

We commit to using your data only when you give us your digital blessing. Whether it's in contact forms or to receive our magical news, your data will be treated with the love and care they deserve.

Guardians of the Data:

Your data will be like the treasures of a vigilant dragon. We don't sell or share them with other digital beings without your permission. We only use them to fulfill your digital wishes.

Now that you know how we magically care for your data, you can continue your virtual journey with peace of mind! 🛡️🔮

P.S.: This text says everything it needs to. But if it sounds a bit silly, it's because of the artificial intelligence of the company's legal advisors.

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