Christmas Electrixpedition

A group of eight expeditionists, warmly dressed (in some parts of their body), experts and wise of Christmas from all over the world, together with the voice-over of Josephine Peary (the first woman to reach the North Pole), accompany a group of male and female adventurers, boys and girls, going on an expedition through the Ciutat de Nadal, a remote island in the city of Barcelona. It is a very special place, where there are strange birds, an English ship that was petrified, protective sculptures and many other unusual things. Their natives want to share their most precious secrets with them.

A very special commission from the Barcelona City Council.


Original idea: Eléctrico 28

Artistic Direction: Alina Stockinger

Writing: Alina Stockinger

Coordination: Jordi Solé

Dramaturgy: Eléctrico 28

Costume design: Lluna Albert

Soundtrack: Jakob Rüdisser

Performers: Josep Cosials, Jordi Solé, Andrea Paz, Paula Radresa, Ferran Orobitg, Anna Claramonte, Sergi Estebanell and Daniela Poch (before breaking her foot's bones). 


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