Stellar Moments of Feldbach


Many thanks to: 

Markus Moser, for his support, and his surprise parties of another kind in between the historic walls of the Tabor cellar

Anna Peckl, our youngest and most loyal wise, who taught us life lessons in a classroom of the local high school

Angelina Matzer, hairdresser at the Blue Turtle, whose hair styling techniques and commitment exceeded all expectations and Kathrin Riegerbauer, who welcomed us every time anew

the family Hödl-Kaplan who lent us their bowling alley for an electrifying scene

the team and the owners of the beautiful Café Pfister, where we did not need to act much to relax deeply

the handymen who specifically constructed a mysterious separation space in a public garage for us

the policemen who were in control of the traffic

the family Pfeiler, whose friendliness, hospitality and delicious food and the best sparkling wine made us enjoy our stay even more

Jürgen Puntigam, for his charming way of selling tickets, for the fights for the parking spaces on the main square and for his patience to drive all around the area in search for an old antenna

Karl Pein, whose office we could occupy during his absence

Michael Mehsner and Andrea Meyer for inviting us, for the marvellous previous work on the routes of the audience, for their great organisation of everything and their generous hospitality

thank you also, Michael, for the spectacular transport service at the beginning of each show

to Rudi, Stefan, Gernot and all the other at AV-Medienstelle


Feldbacher Sommerspiele

Feldbach, Austria

9th and 10th of August 2018 (3 shows)

Team: Alina, Lilli, Daniela, Josep, Ana, Jakob

Wise: Markus Moser, Anna Peckl

Herstory: Mona Kospach

Stefan Zweig: Josef Hader

Management in situ: Andrea Meyer, Michael Mehsner and Ana Redi-Milatovic

Outside eye: Ana Redi-Milatovic

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