Public space intervention workshop with expressive means typically used in performative art, working with the space and bodies, and the imaginative observation of cities



“FIND YOUR FILTER” is a workshop in which intervention techniques taken from street performing arts and the particular gaze of the Eléctrico 28 collective on everyday life and urban spaces are shared in public spaces.

It is a workshop that takes place entirely on the street and it's aimed for any person or group that wants to explore ways to change established uses of public spaces and that wants to convey their feelings in relation to life on the streets using the language of performance. It is also aimed for anyone who loves to be on the street imagining things that could happen but cannot find the place to do it. Whoever participates will consciously observe the public space and its inhabitants, and will draw conclusions that might be converted into a particular look, a filter.

A filter is a conscious gaze that permeates the eyes, the body and the mind and manages to conquer ways of intervening, thinking, defining or narrating something. Your filter is your essence, and this workshop is intended to find it and store it with love to transform it into an expressive lever in public spaces.

The particular filters, the personal essence, a tool kit of expressive techniques, the body, the space and the spontaneous movement of the street will be the basic ingredients that will enable us to create small incitements in the public lane that have the ability to unveil new stories and propel the sympathy, the questioning, the doubt and the surprise of the passerby and the public.

Creation: Josep Cosials, Daniela Poch, Alina Stockinger

Team of facilitators: Josep Cosials, Daniela Poch, Alina Stockinger, Jordi Solé, Claudia Mirambell

Working language: English, Catalan, Spanish, German

Cities: Vilnius, Hulk City, Barcelona, Amposta, Hildesheim, Tàrrega (In Situ Network - laboratory) 


Here a video - Alina Stockinger at the screen

What people who have experienced it say


ULA, participant of the workshop “Find your Filter” in Vilnius City (Lithuania)

The time spent with Eléctrico 28 was really eye-opening for me. I came with no expectations, just with curiosity, and left with an extraordinary feeling in my heart as I could finally actually sense myself, others circulating in my social circle, and a city with all of its smells, sounds, sights, and even tastes. I received a gift I never dreamed of, but really needed. I am really thankful to Eléctrico 28, who helped me to find my filter, my sense of Vilnius reality, my space of nature between the city’s tiles, to transform a simple square into a home and bystanders into loved ones. Thank you for changing my perspective so that from now on I will actually be in the city, feeling the rhythm of the streets and not just blindly walking with only focus on my mind. I have become a fully comprehending part of my hometown, which with every step is fulfilling its nature with a wave of an old, new dynamic of life in my Vilnius.


SHARUNE, participant of the workshop “Find your Filter” in Vilnius City (Lithuania) 

​"Find Your Filter" is an experience that definitely leaves a meaningful mark in so many ways. It shows a new angle on how to observe cities and see beyond the usual, in terms of public spaces, everyday people, movement and the unwritten rules we usually follow. I never thought I could discover so much by simply making the stop and starting to notice my surroundings. This is an engaging personal and collective workshop that evokes creativity in different forms and provides an encouraging space for experimentation. So truly connecting to all of your senses, expanding the comfort zone and having uplifting ideas are just a few of the positive side effects that will remain with you after this program.

Participant Dave shares his impressions of it

Participant Michelle shares impressions of it


Participant Simon shares his impressions of it

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