Espresso Encounters Gries

Mathilde Moisant Reloaded (Revival of the 3rd chapter)

Many thanks to: La Strada Graz for reviving the third chapter of Espresso Encounters. To the bakery Zum Griesbäcker and all the inhabitants of the house on Griesplatz, especially to Michael, the owner of the Brötchenparadies. To ZEBRA, the intercultural centre for consultation and therapy, for the flight-controller-window and for the way you work. To the whole team of Postgarage (Günther, Guido, Anita, Michi, Wenzel, Vesna, Nazmi, Evi and all the others) for hosting our last scene and for the smokers’ bar as our dressing room. The Café Postgarage was our pleasant homebase on those scorching hot summer days.

Many thanks to our actresses and actors Robert and Aisha, who came travelling from Oberzeiring to be part of this adventure again. Your performance as dog and owner was outstanding. To Peter Harter for awakening memories of Kaisermühlen Blues with your performance as a drunk janitor. To Anna and Josep for being the pilot couple and the singing Santa Claus in boxers. To Jürgen, the head of the mafia of wishes and guitar player. To Roswitta, who finally kissed him. To Geraldine, the girl with the balloons. To Andi, the pink rabbit. To Max, our Batman and tree constructor. To Jan, our small Batman with the remote-controlled plane. To Jaro, our tiny Batman in the pram. To Carles who looked after Jan. To all the helpers from La Strada. To Rudolf Hubmann and the AV-Medienstelle Graz for the studio recordings. To Birn for the rabbit costume. To Billa for the trolley. To Nikola for the precious photographs.

Graz, Austria
6th / 7th / 8th August 2015 (6 performances)

Team: Alina, Lilli, Ana, Mona, Sergi, Josep, Jakob

Photos: Nikola Milatovic

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