Zwischen den Tassen Amposta

The Human Fish Pond (8th chapter)

Many thanks to: Paquita & Begoña from Xurrería El Canal, because you were willing to let us perform in your unique store room and cared for us with churros and café. To Nautalia Viajes because you let Eugeni work in your office. To Narcisa and Antonio because your windows made the rain possible. To the theatre school ETCA for the room and especially for putting us in contact with these precious people: Joan Sansano,the butcher, diver and the rain; Eva Giné, the pool noodle distributor that was gone with the wind; to Abi Garcia, the cheeky Smurfette and algae reciting Molière; Benjamí Franch, the innocent looking smurf and algae reciting Molière; Vanesa del Rio, the nacked woman and decadent director-mermaid; Jesús Ferré, the skater and fisherman who knew the way; Martí Marsal, the authentic postman; Laura Montañana, the brave Selma Aguado Sánchez. Thanks to Àlex Rodríguez, Guillem Duran, Jordi Forcadell and Lluís Martinez for your contribution to a Woody Allenesque ending. To Jord Princep and Bienve Borràs because you invited us to Amposta and were there for us all the time. To Jordi Durán for recommending Espresso Encounters. To Maite Subirats for the historic perspective on Amposta. To Vicenç and Correos Barcelona and for the continuous support. To Claudio Levati, again and againt, for his Titanic. To David Comuñas for filming us and maybe editing a video. To Carlos Parra for the sound. To Rafael Cañete for the minimalistic song and again to Jakob Rüdisser for the beautiful music you composed for this project.

Amposta, Tarragona, Catalunya
8th / 9th October 2016 
6 performances

Team: Alina, Sergi, Josep, Daniela, Carlos

Photos: Alina Rollgardina

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