Stellar Moments of Harstad

Many thanks to: Solvi, for believing in the project despite having seen it in German and helping us fulfil the dream of provoking a stellar moment at the Arctic; to Elise Hammari, for responding to each of our requests with a smile and being such a great support during the production of the show; to the family of Elise, for coming all to see Stellar Moments of Humanity and making a wonderful dinner during our technical visit; to Elise's sister, for telling us about the existence of that remote beach on the Lofoten Islands; to Nikolaj Gloppen, for all the help received during our stay; to Hilde, because without her we would not have arrived that far; to Solveig, for being our wonderful wise in the bunker (convincing with or without hangover); to Amar, for being such a special and moving wise man and fishing a fish during the rehearsal (and for returning it to the sea); to Morten, for the five laps in a roundabout without knowing why; to Morten Markussen, for the beginnings, the first maps and his strength; to Johanna and Lena, our super assistants, for all the impeccable work they did during all the performances and for always looking for the best solution to everything; to Thomas, for letting us walk through the recesses of the Scandic Hotel; to Harek hairdressers, the best hair salon in Harstad, for letting us invade their space with hairspray and applauses; to Diana, for taking care of Eliot; and to the firefighters of Harstad, for being so alert to possible fires.

Arctic Arts
Harstad, Norway

28th, 29th, 30th of June 2018 (6 shows)

Team: Alina, Sergi, Jordi, Daniela, Josep, Jakob

Wise: Amar, Solveig Bygdnes

Herstory: Maxi Grabenwarter

Management in situ: Elise Hammari, Johanna, Lena

Outside eye: Sergi Estebanell

Photos: Laia Foradada 


Ph. Laia Foradada (12)Ph. Laia Foradada (12)

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