Espresso Encounters Oberzeiring

The Fellowship of the Cows (1st chapter)

Many thanks to: Peter Fasshuber, for your trust and for providing a space that allows for projects of this kind. To Robert Reif, Sissi and Aisha for driving the cows, organising intervention spaces and for the unforgettable performances on the street-stage of Oberzeiring. To the AV-Medienstelle for the studio recordings. To das andere theater for the rehearsal room and Share Your Darlings for the possibility to experiment with an audience that gave us some great feedback. To the cake-café Strasser, which was the perfect final stage for us.To Siruan Darbandi for his voice and to Johann Puntigam for his help and good mood during the audio editing. To Lilli Angermeier and Veza Fernández for your input and dedication during the first phases of creation (Share Your Darlings & Lendwirbel). To Jakob Rüdisser for the beautiful music and Mona Kospach for the spontaneity, caring and great acting. To Max Schade for the fine pictures and to Katrina Günther for the collages, the posters, the flyers, the stickers, the trailer, the brochure and the web. To the tourist board Oberzeiring for Procoppia’s cave and Jacques & Oliva for the old radio.

Festival Werkstatt 2.14
2nd / 3rd / 4th October 2016 (8 performances)

Team: Alina, Lilli, Sergi, Mona, Ana, Jakob

Press: Ö1 Radiobericht zum Nachhören by Werner Ranacher

Photos: Max Schade



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