Stellar Moments of Vila-real

Many thanks to: Anna Claramonte and Javi Marín, for being wise and for your support and smiles; to Pablo Granada, the best rockabilly stage manager one could wish for; to Vanesa Muñoz, for achieving the impossible; to Xavi Castelló, for the slackline, the trolley, the antenna, the fabrics and your helping hands; to Nerea Coll, for her wonderful photos; to Jesus, from the Rigoberta Menchú-street for opening your door for us; to Pascual for leaving the gate open so that Lilli could get out; to Manu, for crying and everything else; to the supermarket Àrea de Guisona, for your space, your laughs and marshmallows; to La Perla, for being something like our office and serve us natural orange juice (we still love your croissants); to EMTAC and Sergio Heredia, for providing our base camp; to Ana Torán, for attending as a spectator and hugging us at the end of the show; to all the people who work at Los Lluïsos (each and every one of them), because there is maybe no other place in the world where they serve so well and do not lose patience when asked for pasteurized cheese; to Osoestudio Barcelona and Carlos Parra; to Rubén and his disciples from the Kung-Fu school of Vila-real, for his awesome space and performance; to Yolanda, of Tot Descans, for her easy lovely way and letting us rest on these comfy sofas; to Sergi Estebanell, our great coach and friend  for always bringing the notebook (even if you finish writing on the tablecloths of restaurants); and to Pau Ayet, for being a great rogue and a great connoisseur of street theater.

Festival FITCarrer

Vila-Real, Comunidad de Valencia

4th, 5th and 6th of May, 2017 (6 performances)

Team: Alina, Lilli, Daniela, Josep, Jakob, Sergi

Wise: Ana Claramonte, Javi Marín

Management in situ: Pablo Granada

Photos: Nerea Coll

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