Stellar Moments of Detmold


Many thanks to: Sabine Kuhfub, for letting herself be illuminated in Graz with Stellar Moments of Humanity and visualizing multiple possibilities in Detmold; to Kyana Hanneke, for being with us from the first day to the last and for solving unforeseen events late at night; to Matthias Wilhelm, for his poem written on a sheet of paper and for being our wise between cigar and cigar; to Ralf Kramer, for being our other wise, for the eagerness and the affection put on the scene; to Axel Plöger, for letting us enter his atelier and give the last brushstroke to the scene; to Calvin and Nico, because without them it would have been impossible (we thank Nico’s 6 daily coca-colas); to Joe from Joe's Gym, for letting us have tea in that fabulous red ring; to the dry cleaner’s Weisse Perle for letting us make a scene between the warmth of their clothes soaking; to all the festival's technical team for assembling and filling the pool at the speed of lightning; to Diana and Beatrice, for taking care of the electric babies during work time.


Detmold, Germany

19th, 20th, 21st of May 2018 (6 shows)

Team: Alina, Lilli, Jordi, Daniela, Josep, Jakob

Wise: Matthias Wilhelm, Ralf Kramer

Herstory: Christina Lederhaas

Management in situ: Kyana Hanneke

Outside eye: Jordi Solé


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