Inspired by Georges Perec’s observations and arranging of whatever, [ The Frame ] proposes to settle down in front of the passing city life in order to observe it, think it, calculate it, designate it and share it... Four characters, trained in the disciplines of observation and arranging the space, the things and the beings, translate what happens with the help of letters that become words and words that become phrases. For some time, EVERYTHING becomes a big theatre play that never ends. A play without a plot that wants to balance on the triviality of the things that are happening holding on to a magnifiying glass. [ The Frame ] is an invitation to open our heart and eyes for the irrelevant, the trifle and things. [ The Frame ] is a great opportunity for something. A drastic exercise. We could talk about pens, but we know, there are many other things.

Creation: Daniela Poch, Josep Cosials, Jordi Solé and Alina Stockinger

Outside Eyes: Claudia Mirambell Adroher, Sergi Estebanell

Production: Eléctrico Express & Arnau Vinós

Music and sound: Jakob Rüdisser

Costumes: Sarah Sternat

Pictures: Eva Freixa / Clemens Nestroy

Video: Raúl Moreno

Coproduction: Generalitat de Catalunya (Departament de Cultura) ICEC & theaterland steiermark & Fira Tàrrega

Other supporters: Graz Kultur, Land Steiermark Kultur, Escena Poblenou, Can Allà, CC Can Felipa, das andere theater, FITCarrer Vila-real, Sinksen Festival Kortrijk, Institut Ramon Llull

(to be continued)

logotips suport The Framelogotips suport The Frame
The Frame_Eléctrico 28 (1)The Frame_Eléctrico 28 (1)

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