Stellar Moments of Graz

Many thanks to:

Jörn Heypke, the elegant and dusty waiter, who hums Bob Dylan like noone else
Anna Peckl, the girl of Augartenpark, who served us elderberry juice and wisdom
Caroline Haberl, our costume designer, who helped us as a waitress and sewed a red superhero coat
CUNTRA, „the whore of art“ for letting us play 2 grand scenes at MachHalla
rEvolution Fitness (Anna & Chris) for unleashing all our strengths
VS Bertha von Suttner & NMS Albert Schweitzer for the basketball court and the red slide
a TREE house for the backdrop of Daniela’s scene and the help with Ana’s circus rope
the Children’s Parliament, for their colourful wagon at Augartenpark
Dagmar, Georg & Toni for opening the house at Griesplatz
Tommi Mayerl for supporting us with finding and handling the locations
La Strada for the coproduction
Mona Kospach for lending her voice to Herstory
Jakob Rüdisser for the new songs
AV Medienstelle for the recordings
Josef Hader for Stefan Zweig talking to us from the other side

Graz, Styria, Austria
Festival La Strada

July 29th/30th/31st,2017 (6 performances)

Team: Josep, Daniela, Lilli, Ana, Alina, Sergi, Jakob

Outside Eye: Sergi

Photos: Nikola Milatovic


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