Espresso Encounters Embrions Poblenou

A Lovestory in the Alps  (2nd chapter)

Many thanks to: Escena Poblenou for the visibility in the Catalan theatre landscape. To Can Felipa for the storeroom; Pedal Bike Rental for the bike helmets; El Timbal and Josep Cano for the terrace and the window as our stage. To Sergi and Ada for presenting and planning Embrions and to Lluis for helping us finding the performance spots.

Embrions, Festival Escena Poblenou
23rd October 2014
15-minuts Trailer

Team: Daniela, Josep, Ana, Alina, Jakob

Press: TV report on TV3 “Les arts escèniques es donen cita al Poblenou”(engl.“Performing arts stimulate Poblenou")

Photos: Xavier Trilla


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