Stellar Moments in Poblenou

Many thanks to: Giuliano, the fearless driver who fell from the chair; to Carles Nieto for the car and to Jordi and Cristian from El Timbal for the chair and for letting your place being the scenery of the best scene. To Francisco Pardal who climbed the roof for us and got messed up with too many pink and blue balloons. And for his ketchup-performance that did justice to Al Pacino. To Can Felipa for the ladder and the the roof and to Josep Cano for the even bigger roof and the lesson on psychopathic seagulls. To Jordi Pérez for the light and the good mood. To Santi Rovira for being around. To Mari Àngels from Col.legi Asunción de Nuestra Señora who would have hosted one scene that we finally decided to skip. We wish your school a good connection to the astronauts! To Osoestudio Barcelona, Onasound and Carlos Parra for the recordings. To Jakob Rüdisser for a soundtrack that pulls people into the world of the Electric Four. To Sergi Estebanell for the express-coaching-session on Wednesday morning. To Caroline Haberl, again, for the intergalactic costumes and to Matthias Ohner for the husky voice he gave to Stefan Zweig and that remarkable Spanish with Austrian accent.

Poblenou, Barcelona, Catalunya
Embrions, Festival Escena Poblenou
20th October 2016 (15 min)

Team: Josep, Daniela, Ana, Alina, Jakob

Photos: Max Schade, Ana Redi-Milatovic, Caroline Haberl

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