Espresso Encounters

"A playful city tour, arranged similar to an adventure or a journey of discovery. An outlook for spaces and bodies that one has never seen or noticed, or that have been forgotten, like the sky, a certain tree, a specific person and his or her bright or dark look. As travelers inside tailored thought machine, the audience (almost) flies above the pavement accompanied by the abysmal thoughts of a writer and other characters that also work in the underground and illuminate the fantasies of the population. Espresso Encounters is a magnifying glass that is given to the audience, making them detectives.”                                                                          

Christina Lederhaas / zweite liga für kunst und kultur

Espresso Encounters moves between reality and fiction, the past and the present, authors and characters, observation and participation. It is a fantastic journey where an audience of 15 people submerges into everyday life which is subtly alternated by infiltrated actors.

Through the playful and imaginative point of view of a narrator who accompanies the audience as a voice coming from their headphones, people, streets, places and details are being (re-) discovered. The audience gradually dives more and more into the fantasy of this narrator, finally becoming the protagonists of it. At the same time, passers-by witness a silent theatre piece just by randomly sharing the public space with us.

With time, we have come to realize that Espresso Encounters does not only have an impact on the audience but that the preparation of each adventure and the respective performances transform the energy of the places we work in. This happens quite easily, also because we include local people, organisations, shops, bars, and private places in a very easy way: We kindly ask for their properties as performance spaces and/or invite them to participate if they want to.

Idea & Artistic Direction: Alina Stockinger

Actors & Creators: Lilli Mendel, Ana Redi-Milatovic, Sergi Estebanell, Josep Cosials, Daniela Poch, Mona Kospach, Alina Stockinger

Music: Jakob Rüdisser

Sound: Jakob Rüdisser, Carlos Parra (Osoestudio Barcelona)

Voice: Siruan Darbandi (Deutsch), Josep Cosials (Spanisch & Englisch)

Costume: Alina Stockinger

Coordination & Production: Alina Stockinger & Eléctrico 28

Coproduction: theaterland steiermark, TNT Terrassa Noves Tendències

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