Stellar Moments in Oberzeiring

Many thanks to: Robert Reif, our wise man, who is good at (almost) everything. To Caroline Haberl, our wise woman and highly praised costume designer. To Mrs. Kogler, who opened the little locked church door for us every day and enabled us to create our cuckoo-ghost-clock. To the police for their balcony and for the pink walls. To Mrs. Sturm, who opened the doors to her enchanting house for our audience to have some tea. To the Kurhotel Oberzeiring for providing a room and a bathrobe. To the refugees at Münzgasse for their kitchen and smiles. To the restaurant Grüner Specht for their roof. To Peter Fasshuber and the team of theaterland steiermark for supporting our work for the second time. To Nikola Milatovic for the camera recordings; to Max Schade for the pictures. To Diana, Angi & Nessa for hosting Daniela & Josep in Graz. To Jan Markowski for the conversations spinning around philosophy, history and theatre. To Josef Hader who gave his voice to Stefan Zweig again for this project and to Stefan Zweig for Stellar Moments of Humanity or Decisive Moments in History.

Oberzeiring, Styria, Austria
Festival Werkstatt 2.16
September 29th/30th & October 1st 2016 (4 performances)

Team: Josep, Daniela, Lilli, Ana, Alina, Jakob

Photos: Max Schade

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