Stellar Moments of Humanity

“Like the electricity of a whole atmosphere in the top of a lightning rod, a vast amount of circumstances is crowded together in the shortest amount of time.”

Stefan Zweig
Stellar Moments of Humanity
(Official Translation: “Decisive Moments in History”)

We have borrowed Stefan Zweig’s title, which literally translates from German as Stellar Moments of Humanity, to deal with history, constructivism and obsessions. While Stefan Zweig claims that “millions of superfluous hours have to pass until one stellar moment of humanity arises”, we prefer looking for the stellar moments in daily life, creating the right circumstances for them to happen, in the sense of a continuous, collective history-making.
Out of this approach, the Electric Four were born: a self-elected and very unusual group that has embarked on the mission to create a stellar moment at any place X. Therefore, they need Herstory, history personified in the shape of a female voice, who speaks to the audience via headphones, and the audience itself, as witnesses and allies for their mission. The plan is to create together the necessary circumstances for a stellar moment to happen. An infectious soundtrack and vivid images open up an alternative but temporary vision of the world, with occasional glimpses behind the scenes.

Dramaturgy and Acting: Josep Cosials, Daniela Poch, Lilli Mendel, Ana Redi-Milatovic, Alina Stockinger

Artistic Direction & Text: Alina Stockinger

Music & Sound: Jakob Rüdisser

Costumes: Caroline Haberl

Hair: Fafá Franco - Sienta la cabeza

Voices: Mona Kospach, Daniela Poch, Alina Stockinger, Matthias Ohner, Josef Hader

Coaching: Sergi Estebanell

Production: Eléctrico 28

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