Stellar Moments of Tàrrega

Many thanks to: Javier Fernández, for being a great wise man, making a wonderful tea and for your strange humor that we miss so much; to Jordi Solé, because it is beautiful to work with you and because you have managed to be an electric in record time; to Sergi Estebanell, for leaving your notebook for a while and dressing up in lycra with so much punky style; to Gerard (aka Gegajg), for being the best regisseur of spaces that there has been, there is and there will be on the face of the Earth; to Montse Bosch, for being our Monsart, driver in the roundabout and 4x4 and for not giving up despite being all-nighter working in the Kirikú; to Guillem, for the professionalism, the affection and the energy that you give off; to Anna, our regisseur, for controlling everything and making us feel so calm and confident; to Diana, our regisseur, for being on top every day; to Txell, for creating a Herstory so nice and so crazy and for recording without being noticed that you breathe (incredible); to Albert, our regisseur, for taking pictures with so much heart and for being there whenever we needed you; to Mari from the balcony of Urgell Square, because without your balcony, one of the Electricos "would not have been at the height"; to Montse de Terapies Naturals, her husband Oriol and their precious children, because you said yes even before asking for it; to Montse Balcells, for helping us to realize our folly of installing a swimming pool in a house and surfing with the public; to Montse of Urgell street, for leaving us your balcony to install our snow machine, that great key moment of the show; to James, for turning down the volume of your rap and for hanging the cow pyjama without understanding even what it served for; to all the people of the residence Sant Antoni Hospital of Tàrrega: Gemma (who said the first yes), Montse and Imma (they supported us and they helped us as if they were an electrical), Josep (the last who said yes) and Nico (who hang our basket without hesitating); to Joana, for moving us just with one glimpse; to Julita, for replacing Joana in some occasions and for your incredible performance; to Fafá Lo Siento, for dressing up in combination with our costumes, because you always make us laugh and because you do not miss an occasion to look at our hairstyles; to all the anonymous "characters" whosmiled (the old lady who sat with the audience every time to see the concert, the gentleman who gave us tomatoes from the orchard, the workers of the residence, and a long etc.); and to all the team of Fira Tárrega, because we have lived an impressive, amazing, exciting and dazzling experience and because we breathe your heart whatever you do.

Fira Tàrrega
Tàrrega, Catalunya

7th, 8th, 9th and 10th of September 2017 (11 shows)

Team: Alina, Ana, Sergi, Jordi, Daniela, Josep, Jakob

Wise: Joana, Javier Fernandez

Management in situ: Anna, Diana, Albert

Coaching: Alina Stockinger

Photos: Albert Sater 



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