EXT.Things that happen: the dictionary (of daily life) 


For us, the public space is an infinite stage of unconscious images and choreography. On fragments of pavement, grass, sand or cement, a flow of material configurations and sensitive interactions between humans, animals, spaces and objects takes place every day and at all hours, forming a transient life. We want to collect it and define it, to make it visible from a new perspective, letting the emotion infiltrate.

There are few things that excite us as much as watching the details of life unfold. And we want to infect the rest of the people, we want them to stop and observe the human and material constellation that is constantly forming around them and feel something: sympathy, love, infatuation, connection, silliness, surprise, or even rejection; anything other than the inertia of empty and capitalized passing, or the inquisitive and egotistical use of spaces, the  individualism.

EXT. Things that happen is a "species" of "dictionary" of urban passing, a compendium of own definitions that can have the power to counteract with poetry, philosophy, humor and absurdity the body of agreed definitions of the world.

The book_Ideologues: Daniela Poch, Claudia Mirambell, Alina Stockinger, Josep Cosials, Jordi Solé

The book: creation process and writing: Daniela Poch, Claudia Mirambell

Coordination: Daniela Poch, Claudia Mirambell

Production: Arnau Vinós


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