Espresso Encounters Vila-real

Saint Petrus’ Keys (7th chapter)

Many thanks to: María Victoria, because La Casita de Mariola became our home and because you spoiled us with your biscuits and beautiful energy. To the confectioner Juan and the waitresses of Cafetería La Perla for providing a great last stage, laughter, cakes and orchatas. To Nautalia Viajes because you gave Eugeni a place to work at. To La dulce tentación for being our bar at the end of the world. To EMTAC and Sergio Heredia for the space and the contact to the following unforgettable actresses and actors: Ana Torán, the postwoman and skeptical audience. Anna Claramonte, the bride with the beautiful voice. Vane Muñoz Marín, for your loud and clear voice that you lent to the penguin and that made you convince everyone else to participate in this adventure. Javier Marín, the angel. María del Prado Granada and María Jesús, the raving reporters. Pablo Granada and Jan Estebanell, the Antarctic skiers. Mari Pulido, our Merengue-addict. Thanks also to Manuel, Isabel and all the people working at Los Domingos for your inexhaustible love of life. Special thanks to Pau Ayet, who invited us to Vila-real and who has been organising this very important street art festival with passion and brain for many years. To our electric Mona Kospach, who decided to accompany us on this adventure and spread her good vibes all over. To Osoestudio Barcelona and Carlos Parra for the great sound. To Claudio Levati for the ship. To Correos Valencia and Barcelona for the equipment. To UGT  (General Workers’ Union) for the bar that became our second dressing and storage room. To the perfumery at the corner for participating in our small feminist act of revolution. To Katrina Günther who designed the poster of our “real man” and to Lilli, who lent her beautiful face to it.

Festival FITCarrer
Vila-Real, Comunidad de Valencia
6th / 7th May 2016 (6 performances)

Team: Sergi, Alina, Ana, Daniela, Josep, Mona, Carlos

Photos: Nerea Coll

Press: Bericht von Ajuntament Vila-real

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